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Strong Academic Staff
The opportunity to have an English-based education with respectable academics from Turkey and the world that are up to world standards.

Internationally recognized English education
The English Preparatory School is an intensive language program with experienced foreign and local instructors. Students who finish this program successfully will be awarded an English proficiency diploma from an affiliated American University.

Start a Career with the Business World's Well-known Institutions
Studying at our university affords students the opportunity to gain real life experience through internships in the local business community.

International Student Exchange Programs
Aims to give students to have global perspective by giving them opportunities for internships and long or short term student exchange programs at American and European universities.

Scholarship Opportunity for  too many  students.

20 percent of students at Zirve University have the opportunity of free-paid education with ÖSYM Superior Success Scholarship. With the Burs-Plus system the top 4.000 students in Y-ÖSS score ranking will receive free tuition for the normal training period and they will also be paid 2000 TL scholarship to meet their school needs. These students will also receive free accommodation. These students will continue to benefit from this scholarship as long as they are successful. At Zirve University there are also some other opportunities waiting for successful students. Students who are accepted to Zirve University and are the first 100 in the Y-ÖSS score ranking are given 1200 TL, students who score between 101-500 are given 400 TL and students who score between 3001-4000 are given 200 TL. This will be every year for a 9 month period.
Students who are successful in art, culture and sports are given a scholarship in these areas. This will be determined by the university's Board of Trustees. Our national athlete students will receive a free scholarship; and students who are World, Olympic, European and Turkish champions will receive 500, 400 and 300 TL monthly in cash. In addition, among the licensed students students who are successful with the Zirve University Success Scholarship, and whose average is between 3.80 - 4.00 are given 100 percent; those that have an average is 3.60 - 3.79 are given 50 percent; those who have a grade average between 3.50 - 3.59 are given a 25 percent extra scholarship. These scholarships are valid for one year and will be considered at the end of the year.

A social life enhanced with student clubs, sporting activities, festivals, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and movies
A warm, comfortable and enjoyable experience of life in Gaziantep, a developing city of Turkey with its unique location, industry and social life

We back up your choices…

Being a youth means being imaginative. Nobody can discourage you from being the kind of person you want to be in the future. So believe in the fact that your dream will come true. Trust the voice inside you and make your choice freely. Know that a new university believes in its dreams like you.
A different, equipped and dynamic life starts at Zirve University founded in 2009 as a private university. Gaziantep is becoming an entire “Education Base” thanks to the advantages our university has.
Zirve University aims to educate the youths who can approach life with different perspectives, who believe in the power of information and follow their dreams from the beginning to the end with its innovative and modern education perception. Take your place at our university, and share an education experience that you will be proud of.